Lt Eddy is a professional YouTuber and Twitch streamer that has been full-time for three plus years. 

Traction: Lt Eddy started his gaming channel approximately three years ago. Since then, he has grown his subscriber count to 400k on YouTube, and 120k on Twitch. His personal philosophy is that creatives should always maintain an online presence so that you can put your work in the world. For 6 years prior to the start of his gaming channel, Lt Eddy had an animations channel that he dabbled with, posting his animations for no profit. He did that while in undergrad, and during his first job as an assistant editor for a television channel. When he started his gaming channel, he informed his animations audience about the fact that he was starting a new channel. The lateral transfer of authority in animations from gaming netted him 20k subscribers to get his channel off the ground. He established authority before going full time, which he was able to capture in his gaming channel when he went professional. 

Growth: Part of the process of growth is consistency and showing up. Lt Eddy’s videos are very consistent and are generally around 10 minutes long. In those videos, he finds things that resonate with his audience that are authentic and comedic. The consistency that he brings to each of his videos has helped him grow his audience tremendously, because they know what to expect each time. Additionally, he expanded his horizons with compounding efforts by getting into Twitch streaming, which gave him direct access to his target audience, gaming followers. By getting into streaming, he was able to get twice the value of playing video games by letting his audience watch him while obtaining the raw content of his YouTube videos, and then using that very content to produce polished videos. With that move to Twitch, he doubled the amount of exposure time to his audience and took otherwise dead production time of gaming and turned it into a growth lever. 

Income: From the start, Lt Eddy realized that his efforts were best spent producing content that would have exponential returns for him. He was working as an assistant editor and knew that the time he was spending on that job would cap the growth and income that he could experience with YouTube. He decided that he needed to double down on YouTube, and left his assistant editor job to focus on content. That allowed him to replace his income within a month with ad revenue. After that, he was able to use his newly found time to focus on sponsors and partnerships. When it comes to income, sometimes time is the thing that will provide the most benefit; for time with family or time focusing on adding value. 

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