Hey Creative Class, I hope you’re enjoying your new year. This week, we’re deconstructing the TGI strategies used by Sahil Chatwani, of the Philosophies for Life YouTube channel

Who: Sahil Chatwani is the former Creative Concept Developer at GoQuest Media Ventures. After his time working for GoQuest, he learned how to make hit YouTube channels with videos that achieve non-linear traction. After his experience there, he attempted starting his own successful YouTube channels – and failed, 14 times. After struggling for an extended period of time, Sahil finally realized the success that he was seeking, but only after doubling down on adding value and focusing on one specific channel. That channel eventually transformed into the Philosophies for Life channel, which offers ancient wisdom for modern living. Since starting the channel, he has grown his subscriber base to 94k followers. He always looks for ways to improve his channel, add valuable content, and expand into other educational areas. 

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Traction: Sahil thinks of traction as subscriber growth and views on YouTube. He got initial traction by taking the shotgun blast approach. After leaving GoQuest Media, he made content that he thought viewers would like across multiple channels, in gossip, sports, and Bollywood news to create interest in current affairs. He created 6 different channels to see which would get the most interest and traction. Because he covered current affairs, anything that was trending would get him views, however, that traction was fleeting. By the time he hit his ten-thousandth view, the YouTube algorithm changed and he was left looking for other growth strategies. Had the YouTube algorithm not changed, his strategy of using the shotgun blast approach with multiple channels would have continued to work, but his content would have only garnered views that were commensurate with the level of national interest in the videos that he created. 

Growth: After failing on 14 different channels, Sahil realized that he needed to focus on quality of quantity. By reducing his workload and focusing on producing the highest quality content, hiring a voice actor, scripting out everything, he was able to produce highly sharable and educational content, which was something he always wanted to do. Not only did he decide to improve the quality of the content, he opted to make his content evergreen, meaning that it will never grow old. He chose educational content that has been relevant for literally thousands of years. By focusing on the quality of the content, he was able to produce content that was highly shareable, meaning that people thought it was so good that they wanted to share it with their friends. Personally, when I watch his videos, it makes me realize things that you already had a hunch were true, but his ancient philosophies confirm your inner-beliefs. By doubling and tripling down on content quality, he was able to grow his channel massively. 

Income: For Sahil, making a million dollars from YouTube isn’t his primary objective. That would be nice, but he’s more interested in being able to afford standard living expenses and simply not having to worry. He is very content in the income that he’s earning now, which is about $1k per month from ad income on the YouTube platform. In order to maintain that, however, he keeps an eye on the key metric that drives his income, watch hours. He uses this to drive his content production, which informs how well he is doing. The income hack that Sahil uses is to keep an eye on his primary income driver and use that as a lever for actions that he takes in the present. 

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