Who: Case Lane is a global writer, traveler, observer to the future, and the founder of Ready Entrepreneur. Ready Entrepreneur helps aspiring entrepreneurs understand how to take advantage of technology and global resources to achieve lifestyle freedom by starting their own business. A former diplomat, consultant and corporate executive, Case is educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, and has lived, studied or worked in eleven different countries, and has visited over 100 others. The Ready Entrepreneur approach to lifestyle freedom is based on her education, experience, observations and interactions with entrepreneurs all over the world.

Traction: Case has dabbled in most things creative, and also teaches about how to venture into entrepreneurship. When it comes to starting something new, the most essential step to success that she recommends is start with something small to gauge reaction. For example, start with a free pdf, e-mail newsletter, consultation session, or something that has minimum viability to give you better insight as to whether people find value in what you offer. That minimum viable solution that fulfills your creative passion will be the prototype for your eventual business. Case recommends that in order to spread the word about your work, you could conduct an online giveaway, where you give someone a free Kindle, for example, for downloading your work, just so that they have it – and hopefully share it. She typically gives away things that are associated with her creative niche, i.e. the Kindle for readers. One thing that people don’t consider when thinking about traction, however, that Case believes is also necessary for success, is creating the right environment for you to succeed. When she got started writing, she made sure to give herself the time for creation. That should be the case for any other creative pursuit. If you do not have the right environmental systems in place, it will be very difficult to achieve traction via action. 

Growth: Case defines growth as her ability to continuously reach the audience that takes interest in what she enjoys doing, and to grow that body of individuals. While numbers aren’t everything for her, she hopes that she can reach more people every day.  She considers that group of individuals to be her community. In order to achieve growth, she started to think about fostering that community so that it felt more inclusive. In order to grow that community, she prefers to provide free content in exchange for joining her community, or by providing an email address. For example, she gives away a free guide to starting your own business on her website readyentrepreneur.com. Another way that Case optimizes for growth is through paid advertising. In order to get the most bang for her buck, she tests every single ad that she runs and tries to get the cost per download (meaning her free content) as low as possible. That means that she tests ads at different times, with different words, on multiple different outlets. By doing this, she is able to share her work with as many people as possible and grow that community that supports her craft. 

Income: The largest percentage of Case’s income is by far her book sales– but that may be obvious, for an author. The more nuanced stream of income for her is actually her affiliate sales,which she states is actually her largest ROI income stream relative to the amount of time that she spends on it. This is accomplished by advertising other products on her site that allow her passive income generation for each sale that is earned. Lastly, she also sells coursesthat she produces herself, which are all available on her website. The hack for her is that she prioritizes products that are all digital so that she can live a location-independent lifestyle. This is so that she can spend as much time as she desires on writing each day. 

Traction action step: Create an environment and set of systems that could sustain your creative passion indefinitely. Once you have that, develop a free prototype of your creative passion to gauge interest, by spending a fraction of the time that you would otherwise commit. Test that and get feedback from 1-5 people.

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