This week we’re deconstructing the TGI strategies used by Dr. Garrick Baskerville, owner and founder of METSI Care. He appeared on episode 29 of TGI

Who: Dr. Garrick Baskerville is a MD who received his education from Penn State and has been practicing for 12+ years as an urgent care and general physician. He is licensed in Pennsylvania and Texas. He recently launched a new practice called METSI Care, where his objective is to help creative individuals, while at the same time rekindling his passion for creative endeavors. 

Traction: Prior to the start of his new practice, METSI Care, Dr. Baskerville had been a career-long employee, working for different urgent care practices and networks of healthcare professionals. By starting his own practice, he effectively started at square one all over again, with no network or patient base to have support his new practice. Dr. Baskerville understood that it was most important to target spheres of influence, first and foremost. METSI Care provides healthcare almost exclusively to creatives, and so his spheres of influence were places where those individuals would cluster – venues and creative-themed businesses. He started by pursuing those businesses as his first patients. Once he acquired those patients, he partnered with those businesses and venues to help promote his practice. The effect of targeting those spheres of influence amplified his reach 5-10x. 

Growth: Dr. Baskerville defines growth as building a community of like-minded creative individuals that are all members of his practice. In order to succeed, he created exclusive classes and activities centered around health and wellness passions – things like painting, meditation, and yoga. By providing these sorts of free classes for his members, he offered friendship and community through novelty and exclusivity. The uniqueness of having free classes for being a part of a medical practice is very shareable and the experiences encourage members to stay with the community. 

Income: Income for Dr. Baskerville is very straightforward in this case. He provides tiered monthly subscriptions for his members, with his introductory rate starting at $39/month and VIP package costing $119/month. The hack here is that while $39 seems like a steal, that package is limited to tele-care. For the majority of the calls that Dr. Baskerville will have with that subset of patients, the duration will be less than 15 minutes, meaning that he is able to treat far more tele-care patients than VIP patients. This means that Dr. Baskerville could very likely treat 4-6 tele-care patients per hours, netting $156-234 per hour as opposed to $119. For most people, tele-care is all they need, and for Dr. Baskerville, it actually turns out to be the most profitable package. 

Traction action step: Think about your target audience. Where are their spheres of influence? Find 3-5 of those locations and partner with those organizations to have an amplified outreach.  

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