This week we’re deconstructing the TGI strategies used by James VanProoyen, co-founder of the Military Podcast Network. He appeared on TGI 30

Who: James VanProoyen is the co-founder of the Military Podcast Network and host of the Veterans in Business podcast. He is a veteran of the Air Force and served for 20 years before retiring. 

Traction: The concept of traction for a podcast network is slightly more nuanced than traditional traction for creating an audience, it involves earning trust and confidence of specific individuals that you would prefer to join your network. For James, he was able to achieve traction by networking and establishing the right values.  By creating a standard set of values and communicating those while networking, he constantly messaged those values to the types of people he wanted to work with. He attends conferences, meetups, and joins memberships where his values align, and continuously leads with providing value and keeping up with his messaging. After years of doing that, he’s grown his network to multiple podcasts with the right hosts.

Growth: James defines growth as building his network with the right podcasts. As previously mentioned, the prerequisite for new shows is having an alignment of values. In order to position himself to achieve the growth that he desires, he does free work. What does that mean? He volunteers to help run, market, and assist with conferences and events that act as host to the types of people he prefers to have in his network. By volunteering, he gains access to guests, speakers, and organizers and is able to learn from their success and target his ideal hosts.

Income: The priority for the Military Podcast Network is doing the legwork for every show to reign in sponsorships so that each host can focus on content and value creation. In order to make that happen, James communicates the story of connection that listeners have with their favorite podcasts and the clout that they carry with their audience. This keeps sponsors paying and hosts happy. 

Traction action step: Message your values and look for the right opportunities at every future networking event. The right partners and future coworkers will make themselves known by you filtering for aligned values. 

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