TGI 12: How to Become a Champion of Locals While Travel Blogging with Dan Vineberg

Dan Vineberg is a travel video creator from Canada. His popular YouTube channel, The New Travel, has been viewed 11 million times and has over 100,000 subscribers. More than anything, Dan believes that the world is full of kind, generous people who are proud of their countries. He has been travel vlogging for 4+ years and has some wild stories from his travels. In this episode, you’ll learn what it’s like during the early days of running a travel vlog, the challenges that you’ll face in different countries, things that you should or shouldn’t do if you want to provide value to your viewers, and different ways to monetize that you can start doing now.

How to connect with Dan:

YouTube: The New Travel

Facebook: @danvineberg

Instagram: @thenewtravel

Twitter: @danvineberg

How you can support Dan:

Patreon: The New Travel  

Recommendations from Dan:

4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris– Dan’s most strongly recommended book 

Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari– A great book on the history of humanity 

Rode VideoMicMic Pro– Preferred mic without a budget

Rode Mic Go– Preferred mic on a budget 

Canon 70D– What Dan currently uses

Canon 90D– What Dan is thinking about buying 

My book recommendation:

Atlas Obscura, by Joshua Foer– My recommendation to learn about hidden travel destinations 

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