TGI 13: How to Leverage Niche Authority to Generate Opportunity with David Nguyen, NUSensei YouTube Producer

David is a high school teacher from Melbourne, Australia. Aside from teaching English and History, he is a gamer and an archery coach. His YouTube channel, NUSensei, has been internationally recognised as one of the most popular and recommended sources for archery. Originally covering the niche of modern Olympic archery, the channel has expanded to cover numerous aspects of archery in traditional, historical and sporting contexts. Through his work, David has built opportunities to network with bow manufacturers, top athletes and coaches, researches and publications, and has inspired many newcomers to give archery a shot. His YouTube channel has been around for 4+ years and has grown to nearly 140k subscribers, with over 27M total views. In this episode, you’ll learn a ton on advanced strategies for how to grow a niche hobby YouTube channel, to include small things that can help you out of the gate, techniques that can help you scale, and a plethora of income techniques that you can apply. The big takeaway that you’ll get from this episode is the opportunity that comes with having a niche YouTube channel and being an authority in that niche. 

How to find David:

Youtube: NUSensei 

Twitter: @nu-sensei

Facebook: @NUSensei

Instagram: @nusensei

How you can support David:

Visit his YouTube channel and help spread Archery 

Recommendations from David:

– Focus on the small details that give your channel an edge
– Create different content for each social media channel 
– Make content that answers questions already being asked

My book recommendation:

Made to Stick, by Dan and Chip Heath

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