TGI 14: How to Sell as a Creative with Pat Helmers (Sales Babble Podcast Host)

Pat Helmers started the Sales Babble sales podcast in March 2014. His goal was to cut through the babble of bad sales advice too often repeated by society. He disagrees with the idea that sales is a pushy and unethical profession. He believes that if you have a genuine desire to service your customers, anyone can become successful at sales. Pat started his career as a software engineer for Bell Laboratories. It was there he became an inventor in GSM wireless technologies, earning two patents. He leveraged his expertise and became a trainer for emerging software Object Oriented methodologies, training 1000s of engineers in the USA and Europe. He was promoted and managed various training groups and a technology adoption organization promoting technology transfer.

How to connect with Pat:

Linkedin: @Patrickhelmers

Podcast: Sales Babble

Production Company: Habanero Media 


How you can support Pat:

Check out Habanero Media if you’re interested in starting a podcast or look into his personal website for consulting. 

Recommendations from Pat:

  • Talk out your value proposition with people in person 
  • Ask your audience for reviews and use those to make sales 
  • Treat everyone as if they’re family 

My book recommendation:

To Sell Is Human, by Daniel Pink – this book is great for this episode because it re-emphasizes that selling is a part of being human and that even creatives can benefit from selling. 

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