Today we’re joined by Dr. Wiechowski, the founder of “Think Natalia”, the company that represents her dream life that allows her to be many things, including just to name a few, an author, branding expert, and coachsultant, which she personally defines as a position that helps people leave their corporate jobs to find their own passions, where she helps to support them in building an international, sustainable, and purposeful thought leadership personal brand on Linkedin. Her personal goal is to bring together a tribe of 1 million out of the box thinkers who “want to be the change they wish to see in the world”, a quote from Mahatma Gandi. She actively consults and speaks globally and lives in Dubai. She’s spoken at events like Women in Leadership Economic Forum, Masters of LinkedIn Summit, and Classroom without Walls. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Hanover and has earned countless distinctions, including “LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn” from Inc Magazine, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and Top 100 Leader in Education. Dr. Wiechowski is incredibly accomplished and adept at helping others accomplish their personal goals by building the brand that supports that vision. Dr. Wiechowski just released her latest book, “Personal Branding with Linkedin: The Think Natalia Method”, which was just released to the public on May 30th. Since its release, it has already hit the Amazon best sellers list.

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