TGI 7: Scaling As a Creative by Branding Yourself with Cauvee

Cauvee has done it all, from being a musician, influencer, personal brand, coach, entrepreneur, and advisor. He’s taken his personal brand to over six figures by thinking about himself as a business, and shares the tools and mental exercises that you need to take as a creative to transform your passions into a business. He has been featured in Thrive Global, TED X, HuffPost, and Toastmasters. Cauvee endured through heartbreak and struggle but risen to new heights as he is coming out with new content each day. He’s in the process of writing a new book (Push Thru Pain), building a new company, and coaching. 

Connect with Cauvee on the following socials:

Website: Cauvee

Twitter: @cauvee



Instagram: @cauvee

Thrive Global

A few of his recommendations and tools:

Public speaking – learning how to communicate more effectively, because it is the most important thing that you can learn in life

Asana– for project management and organization  


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