Our Mission: Help you live your creative passions full-time.

We provide the tools and case studies from the best performers in creative industries to help you create a business from your creative passions so that you can do what you love everyday.

Every week, we interview people that have succeeded in obtaining traction, growth, and income in their creative endeavors. What does that mean though?

Traction: Our guests have gotten market validation that what they are creating is in demand from someone. Maybe they have started building an audience on YouTube, or got strong feedback from a publisher about their book idea, or started getting interest from podcast listeners. This is the first step in turning your creative passions into a business – you need to get traction from your target audience. Our guests have been successful and achieved tremendous traction.

Growth: Once you’ve gotten traction, what do you do differently from what got you here? What do you do to grow your audience, reader list, patrons, or supporters? Our guests have all done something different, but you can take what they’ve done to grow that audience from 100 to 10k listeners and apply it to your creativity as well. Those tactics will likely be different and most of our guests have had to experiment to grow more than 10x, because what got you to the present won’t always get you to where you want to be.

Income: After you’ve achieved traction and growth, it’s helpful to think about different ways to monetize so that you can continue doing what you love. Many of our guests didn’t try monetizing immediately, but it’s very important to keep the end in mind. If you don’t think about what you need to do for money in the future, you may make mistakes in the now. These tactics vary widely, but each episode can provide something new that you may have otherwise not thought of.

We do our best to provide industry agnostic tools and tips so that you can apply YouTube growth tricks to your podcast, for example — each episode has new ideas that can be applied anywhere.

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Who Produces TGI?

Meet Thom, your host and guide on this collective journey toward TGI. Thom is the founder of Stagepass, an experience marketplace for creatives to increase their income by auctioning experiences to their audience. He loves reading non-fiction, learning, and coming up with new business ideas.