TGI 20: How to Persist Through Failure and Double Down on Value Creation with Sahil Chatwani

Sahil Chatwani is the former Creative Concept Developer at GoQuest Media Ventures. After his time working for GoQuest, he learned how to make hit YouTube channels with videos that achieve non-linear traction. After his experience there, he attempted starting his own successful YouTube channels – and failed, 14 times. After struggling for an extended period of time, Sahil finally realized the success that he was seeking, but only after doubling down on adding value and focusing on one specific channel. That channel eventually transformed into the Philosophies for Life channel, which offers ancient wisdom for modern living. Since starting the channel, he has grown his subscriber base to 94k followers. He always looks for ways to improve his channel, add valuable content, and expand into other educational areas. 

How to Connect with Sahil:

YouTube: Philosophies for Life

Facebook: @sahil.chatwani

How to Support Sahil:

Philosophies for Life – Ancient wisdom for modern living

Recommendations from Sahil:

  • Don’t get intimidated by anything that you see or hear about YouTube
  • It’s what you do every day that is going to get you to be successful
  • If you’re consistent enough, you will absolutely get from point A to point B of success

My book recommendation:

The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod

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