TGI 28: How to Nail Your Brand with Michael O’Neal

Today we are joined by Michael O’Neal. Michael is a branding expert and host of the highly successful Solopreneur Hour podcast, which has over 10 million downloads, as of 2019. He is a car guru, specifically vintage porches, and recently started a new brand to support that hobby called Rennch. He has created 5 hit shows, and has interviewed major celebrities to include Charles Barkeley, Adam Carolla, James Altucher, Hines Ward, and many more. 

How to Connect with Michael:

Twitter: @Solohour


Facebook: @Solohour

How to Support Michael:

Subscribe to the RennchYouTube channel and check out his course The Art of the Interview.

My Book Recommendation:

The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau

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