TGI 8: Growing a Blog with the Blind Blogger Max Ivey

Maxwell Ivey is a master of many, having been involved with carnivals in his earlier years, where he both operated and sold equipment. Later, he started a blog in carnival operations before eventually starting his incredibly successful blog The Blind Blogger, Since that, he has gone on to become a speaker and author. To read more about Max, visit The Blind Blogger

Books by Max:

Leading You Out of Darkness Into the Light

The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures

It’s Not the Cookie, It’s the Bag 

Top recommendations by Max:

MarsEdit by Red Sweater – Tool to edit blogs 

Mad Mimi – Email sender, tracker, and newsletter tool 

Max’s Podcast:

What’s Your Excuse?

Find Max on the following socials:

Twitter:  @maxwellivey

Youtube: Maxwellivey

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